Applicants Guide

Application Form
The application form must be completed and where it is not applicable please enter “N/A”. You may enclose a CV, but this will be considered in addition to the application form. We are required to submit statistical data to the National Minimum Data Sets, the Department of Health and Local Authorities. The application form is the system that we use to collect that data.

Any declaration made on the form will be completely confidential no matter the nature of the information.

Health questionnaires will be sent to all appointable applicants. It is important that when completing the health section all information of relevance to the post applied for should be detailed. This assists us in ensuring that you are physically and mentally fit under the Regulatory framework from the Care Quality Commission, to undertake the post applied for whilst complying with the Equality Act 2010. Any reasonable adjustment necessary will be considered as part of the recruitment process.

Please ensure that you complete the information regarding referees. References are always requested as a confidential statement and therefore are never disclosed to the applicant. We strongly advise that you seek permission from your referee before completing the application form. Any delay in the gathering of this information could impede any decision regarding your suitability for appointment. Where a reference is considered insufficient to make a decision a third reference will be requested. This must be from a previous employer in the last ten years where you have worked for at least three months.

References are always sought before any decision can be made regarding your suitability for employment.

Criminal Record Bureau and Independent Safeguarding Adult check*
These checks are mandatory under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. It is vital that you declare any criminal activity even where that conviction is deemed spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. Any disclosure of criminal activity resulting in a Caution, Reprimand or Conviction will not of itself preclude your appointment to the post, however, non disclosure of any criminal activity will result in any job offer being withdrawn. Trust is a fragile thing and honesty from the outset must be there in order for a clear and transparent working relationship to be developed. In completing the Criminal Record Bureau form, new forms are now in place and all sections marked in yellow must be completed. Continuation sheets if any are required, are available from

Right to Work Check
These checks are mandatory, employers must check that a job applicant is allowed to work in the UK before they are offered employment.

Appointed Applicants
On receipt of appropriate references, a job offer will be made which is subject to CRB/ ISA and POVA/POCA checks. On completion of the Criminal Record Bureau form, evidence needs to be seen with the completed application. This includes:
• Utility Bill
• Passport
• Birth Certificate
• Driving License
• International ID Card
• NI Card
• Other Identity Documentation
• Work permit
• Non EU Immigration Documentation

You will be informed of which documentation is relevant to your application. The Immigration Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 requires us as employers to make checks as to your legal status of employment within the UK. Certain documents will be checked if you are a non EU National in order to comply with this Act. Ensure Care Ltd. complies fully with The Border and Immigration Agency guidance for employers in this regard. Documentation must be originals only, copies will be kept for file purposes only. The mandatory checks which have to be in place in order to safeguard service users inevitably mean a long recruitment process. We advise all new staff that are currently employed to give their notice only when we are able to confirm a job offer. We will therefore be keeping in touch with you throughout the period of the recruitment process. We will agree the methods used e.g. Mobile phone, email etc. at your convenience.

Induction Training
All staff must undertake an induction programme tailored to their experience, qualifications and competencies. This is mandatory. The induction followed by care certificates to be completed within 12 weeks during which time you are monitored as part of your probationary period of employment.

And Finally
Please do not be put off! We hope that this demonstrates that we have a robust recruitment and selection procedure and that we set our standards high in order to ensure the safeguarding and protection of our service users.

Application For Employment

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